Rock Garden

My old rockery in the front part of garden – with pond

The old rockery with the pond was built by my grandpa 30 years ago. The rockery used to be completly of marlstone but I gradually replaced it with dolomite limstone which is better for alpine plants and which is more durable. Přední stará skalky Přední stará skalky

My new limestone rockery in the front part of garden

was reshaped in the year 2010. My original intention was to extend my rockery with new stones but I had to change my mind because of its excessive mass. Thus I placed the stones by the entrance in the garden. The stones weight about 10 tons.
Vápencové kameny přivezené jeřábem Vápencové kameny přivezené jeřábem

My main rockery in the rear garden

The rockery originates from a fish pond built in the year 2000. Later I placed about 80 tons of stones and alpine plants around the pond.The current area of the rockery exceeds 100 square meters and there are four ponds of various sizes.
Zadní skalka - hlavní jezírko Zadní skalka - malé jezírko hajní část skalky Zadní skalka Zadní skalka Zadní skalka

Covered rockery

2010 I decided to build a new site for rare plants like: Dionysia, Primula allioni and Androsace which I had in flower pots so far.
Krytá skalka pro Dionysie, primule allioni, a androsace Krytá skalka pro Dionysie, primule allioni, a androsace

My collection

My collection is situated on the northern side of our garage. This place is in the shadow. There are mostly Saxifraga, Androsace, Primula and others. Sbírka saxifrag Saxifragy Saxifraga Sissi Saxifraga Satchmo Saxifraga Laka Saxifragy sbírka

My bee yard with wooden hive

Včelín Včely - brzké jaro